Sell Your Timeshare

Ready to Sell Your Timeshare?

The best way to sell a timeshare is with the service and support that only Fidelity’s experienced team of fully-licensed consultants can provide. List your timeshare for sale at no cost upfront, and we’ll do what it takes to make sure it gets sold in a timely and professional manner.

Selling timeshares requires specialized knowledge of the resale market, and with over 15 years of bringing integrity and expertise to the industry, the Fidelity team knows how to sell timeshares! We facilitate millions of dollars of timeshare resale transactions each year, and our consultants are proud of the reputation they've established for providing unrivaled service to owners. If you’re considering selling a timeshare, allow us to demonstrate the Fidelity difference by assisting you with:

  • Pricing your timeshare in accordance with current resale market trends
  • Proactively promoting your timeshare for sale and reaching prospective buyers through digital advertising
  • Negotiating the terms of sale
  • Navigating Right of First Refusal
  • Coordinating with the title insurance company
  • Ensuring a seamless and stress-free closing process