A glossary of timeshare terms

We know that timeshare resales can be very complicated, which is why we do our best to make all of the resources on this site straightforward and informative. We also attempt to be as thorough as possible with the information that we present because transparency is a core attribute of our Ethical Standards, and because we believe that the more you know about your vacation ownership, the more satisfaction you'll receive from it!

To those ends, we've compiled dictionary definitions of commonly-encountered timeshare terms and phrases unique to the timeshare industry. Use the glossary provided below as a reference tool to better understand timeshare terminology, and remember: if you have any questions, our licensed real estate agents would be glad to assist you with navigating the timeshare resale market regardless if you're a potential buyer, seller, or just a bit curious about vacation ownership.



Accelerated Use

Accelerated use refers to a program that permits someone to use their purchased time in increasingly larger increments.

Accrued weeks

Any unused weeks from the previous year that have been banked and are available for use this year.

Ad Valorem

A legal term which translates to "according to value". This refers to assessment of property tax.

Anniversary Date

The day on which earned points accumulate, once per year. This applies in the case of timeshare resorts offering a points system.


For real estate, an estimation of the worth of a given property, expressed as market value.


When applied to real-estate, the term "appreciation" means that the property has accrued value over time.

ARDA (American Resort Development Association)

Based in Washington, D.C., this is the foremost trade association representing the timeshare ownership and property development industries. ARDA advocates on behalf of resort owners and developers and also lobbies for the industry. ARDA was first known as the American Land Development Association, originally founded in 1969. Today, ARDA is comprised of nearly one thousand small companies and large conglomerates from all over the world.