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  • Introducing The Vacation Desk

    Introducing The Vacation Desk

    We are pleased to announce that as part of our endless efforts to provide outstanding services, we have just launched a new resource: The Vacation Desk. This free resource is designed to help you make the most of vacation club membership by providing useful and relevant articles.

    In our first article 'Easily Determine Disney Vacation Club Cost for Your Family' you'll learn:

    How many DVC points are right for your family The important factors to consider when selecting a home resort How to get the best price per point on DVC membership Where to save and how to get money back on your DVC purchase


  • Top 5 Ways to Save Money on Your Disney Trip

    Top 5 Ways to Save Money on Your Disney Trip

    A trip to a Disney park is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many families, with children dreaming of the trip from a very young age. But between park tickets, accommodations, and transportation costs, the trip can easily wipe out a family’s bank accounts. But by making a few adjustments to your plans, you can plan a trip that is both affordable and fun.

    Here are a few things you can do to enjoy a Disney trip while creating memories your children will remember for years.

    Plan a Wintertime Visit

    During the summer months, Disney parks enjoy peak visitor numbers. Temperatures are also at a high point, making the hours of waiting in line unbearable. In the winter months, Disney parks enjoy moderate temperatures, rarely dropping to the same temperatures as many other American states experience between November and February. Read More...

  • Pet Friendly Timeshares

    Pet Friendly Timeshares

    When you go on vacation, do you struggle with what to do with your pet? Finding a pet sitter, kennel, or pet hotel can be expensive and stressful. A pet friendly timeshare resort can be a solution that will make everyone happy!

    Pet friendly timeshares understand your desire to have your four legged friends close by and have made special arrangements to make it a great and rewarding experience for everyone involved. Come discover new adventures with your pet as you explore new sights and sounds. With pet-friendly timeshares for sale and rent all over the country, including all the members in your family vacation has never been easier. Consider buying a timeshare that is pet friendly and take the stress out of your family vacations. Read More...

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